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Heading boldly where so few people have had the chance to go, Ionie Luvcoxxx takes you into the dark suction holes of some gob-stuffingly deep throats. Get you lips around that one babe!

In the plain language of old-fashioned theology “man’s sin is stamped upon man’s universe.” We see a sham world because we live a sham life. We do not know ourselves; hence do not know the true character of our senses and instincts; hence attribute wrong values to their suggestions and declarations concerning our relation to the external world. That world, which we have distorted by identifying it with our own self-regarding arrangements of its elements, has got to reassume for us the character of Reality, of God. In the purified sight of the great mystics it did reassume this character: their shells were opened wide, they knew the tides of the Eternal Sea. This lucid apprehension of the True is what we mean when we speak of the Illumination which results from a faithful acceptance of the trials of the Purgative Way.

The UK’s electronics ban followed a similar one the US instituted on flights from several Muslim-majority countries in March, which was  lifted for Turkish flights on Wednesday. The UK has yet to follow. Homeland Security chief John Kelly has previously said the ban was put in place as a security measure against detected threats concerning bombs disguised as electronic devices.

City Lix - Find Our Love